Planning a New Kitchen


More often than not, today’s kitchens serve as the family hub – the place where family gathers and friends linger.  It’s where families nurture, nourish, laugh and talk. It’s a bustling center of activity, which means the kitchen has high traffic and usually, access through to the outside.

When designing and planning a kitchen, considerations for efficient workflow are critical to the success of the project. Convenient placement of kitchen sinks, the stove, and the refrigerator is what makes a kitchen a pleasure to work in or an environment where cooks are tripping over each other.

Kitchen surfaces endure heat from pans and water; some surfaces handle these stresses better than others.  Wood cabinetry is also exposed to steam and heat. LHL can advise on the different properties and budget points for various kitchen fixtures and bring decades of experience and skill to our kitchen remodeling projects.  

Learn about the types of fixtures and fittings, cabinet choices, countertops, and floor finishes you have to choose between and what the properties are of each in our kitchen remodeling guide. Whatever fixtures and fittings you choose for your Portland kitchen remodeling project, LHL has built relationships with quality vendors and suppliers across the city. 
Talk to us today about your kitchen remodeling project. 

“Thank you so much for making our home beautiful again! Nearly eight years after our house fire, we still love the remodel/reconstruction. Your genuine concern, professionalism, and excellent work made the process so much easier. You are a wonderful group of people to work with and we so much appreciated being able to trust in both your integrity and your quality of work.”


We have worked with Dick Hartung and LHL Homes on many projects over the last 20 years. Most recently, when needing to replace the decks on our personal home, they were the ones we called. The work was done well, on time and on budget — we are very pleased! I wholeheartedly endorse LHL Homes and will often refer our customers to them as we know that they will be treated well and their work is first class.”

Alan Mascord – Alan Mascord Design Associates